Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things that annoy me...

Okay so there are some things in life that just irk me like nails on a chalkboard.

1. Typing Llya Kovalchuck. It's not an "L" it is an upper case "i"

2. According to CCM Ovechkin prefers Ovi to Ovie so stop typing Ovie

3. The Ovechkin vs Crosby drama. Come on they are both great players but can't we see other players in the marketing for the league. I am sure there are other teams and players that would make for great coverage.

4. Hockey is only a Canadian sport. I think some Americans, Swedes, Russians, Finns, among others would like to debate that fact with you.

5. Saying Detroit gave up too soon on Ville Leino. Detroit gave him his shot, they brought him into the league UN DRAFTED and at the start of the 2009-10 season his line with Jason Williams and fellow Finn Valtteri Filppula was the best line that Detroit had. Then both of them got injured and Leino never got his grove back with the Red Wings. He found it in the play offs with the Flyers but face it you guys didn't have faith in him at first either you had him in the press box forever.

6. Getting upset that a player changes his number. Just because he changed his number doesn't mean you need to go but a new jersey (though I am sure the league would love the money from another sale) think of it this way. Your older number jersey shows you were a fan from earlier in said plays career - old number doesn't make it a jersey foul.

7. Jersey Fouls. Just don't do it.

8. Saying European players are weak and don't have as much heart as Canadian players (come on we know you lump the American players into the "Euro" category at this point). I think players like Niklas Kronwall or Jarkko Ruutu have something to say about that.

9. Pierre McGuire.

10. No more Facebook pages trying to relocate the Phoenix Coyotes. Hockey in the professional level is a business they will do fine there give them the chance to regain the ground lost on their fan base and grow it. There were only six teams in the Original 6 (hence the name) odds are your team wasn't one of them and they gave your team the chance.

11. The obsession over where Ilya (see how I spelled that) Kovalchuk is going to sign. He'll make his choice and that is that. The constant complaining on Twitter isn't going to make him decide any faster. I think his family comes before you to him.

12. Paid announcers that can not pronounce of the names correctly or constantly all players the wrong name.

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