Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Name the connection: Miroslav Satan, Darren Haydar, Antti Pihlstrom

What do these have in common? Okay so they play hockey, in the NHL. That is kind of a given on a hockey blog though isn't it?

Want a hint?

Here is the full list:

Antti Pihlstrom
Barry Legge
Bill Brydge
Darren Haydar
Dave Thomlinson
Fred Robertson
Gerry James
Hugh Currie
Matt Pettinger
Miroslav Satan
Ron Sedlbauer
Ron Tugnutt
Sammy McManus
Scott Lachance
Stephane Quintal
Terry Take
Brian Curran
And for fun lets add myself to this list because I too fit the connection.

Any guesses?

We all were born on October 22 (years differ).

Thanks to those over at the NHL Digest you too can go though and locate which NHL players you share a birthday with. Be sure to check out the NHL Player Birthday Calender over at NHL Digest

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