Saturday, July 31, 2010


No this is not about buying some dress that will be viewed as tacky or cheesy in a decade.

For those that do not know I grew up in Michigan but spent time recently in the Washington D.C. area attending George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (Go Patriots!)

A little over a week ago I made the move back to Michigan and holy Toledo (Go Walleye!) this has been total chaos. I have been busy from sun up to past sun down yet I still feel as if I have nothing doing. I am still digging cloths out of boxes every day just to get dressed.

Yet, I was still dead set on going to see the Michigan Warriors this weekend with the kids. So far not today - kids still trying to adjust and its just not happening today - maybe tomorrow - maybe.

For those that may not know who the Michigan Warriors are they are the newly relocated North American Hockey League team to the Perani Arena in Flint. I do not know all the details but from the best that I can gather the Flint Generals from the IHL had their lease run out at Perani Arena and no new agreement was made and now the Warriors are making Perani their home.

Good-bye Generals - I will miss you. I went to your games as a kid and that is where my love of hockey began.

Welcome Warriors!

With kids of my own and living between Flint and Detroit I will probably be there as often as possible with kids in tow. My oldest first word was hockey and is asking for ice skates for her third birthday coming up at the end of August.

It is good to be home again. No offense to DC but it just wasn't home. There wasn't hockey. Okay so there is a little hockey in the nations capital - some Presidents Trophy winning team with some guy named Ovechkin. Home with my Detroit Red Wings for may be Nicklas Lidstroms last season getting the chance to see him play at least one more time at The Joe will be well worth all of this current chaos.

Good luck to the Warriors for their first season in Flint. Good luck to the Red Wings and Captain Nick. This is what coming home is all about.

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