Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red Wings take on Rangers

After haveing three games in three days it feels like forever since we have seen the Red Wings play. Even though it has only been since Sunday night; but to those that have been waiting all summer for Red Wings hockey it was a long start to the week.

At least we get to watch the game tonight though, right?

Well maybe not so right.

The game tonight being played at Madison Square Garden against the New York Rangers is not being televised. So unless one of the teams decides to air the game on their website it looks might come down to digging out the radio to listen to WXYT 1270-AM to at least hear the game.

Don't have a radio other than in your car? Don't feel like sitting in your car all night to listen to the game? You're in luck! You can listen to the game on the web.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Tomi Seppala via Twitter the game will be coverd by MSG so there is a chance the game will be aired online.

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