Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Former Red Wing Andreas Lilja now a Shark?

All signs appear to point to "yes".

After turning down the offer from the Red Wings this summer Lilja was still (and to my knoweldge is currently still) unsigned. The San Jose Sharks, as you remember are coached by former Red Wings assistant coach Todd McLellan, invited Lilja to training camp. Thus far he has not been cut from the line up and according to Dave Lozo from the Swedish web site Expressen is reporting that Lilja is going to be playing with the San Jose Sharks this season.

I can not say that I am shocked. I actually kind of figured this would happen when I heard he was invited to the camp. I know some San Jose fans are not thrilled with the addition of Lilja to their team; I'd take him back (maybe trade them Ericsson).

So I guess this is our final good-bye Andreas. It was fun and we'll still see each other around (twice in San Jose and twice at The Joe). I wish you well - no fighting with Shea Weber okay?

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