Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is David Frost back in the hockey game?

According to reports coming from Andy Strickland the controversial former hockey agent is back in the game. In California.

In case you don't remember the story David Frost was the supposed target of a murder plot by former St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton. Danton plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder; however, claimed the target was his estranged father.

Frost was later charged with 12 counts of sexual exploitation having to do with sexual acts between three under age females and some of his underage male players - he was acquitted of all charges.

Now back to current developments.

According to an article by Strickland Frost has changed his name and is now going by Jim McCauley (his wife's maiden name) and is working at the Laguna Hockey Academy in Southern California.

One parent (unnamed) in Stickland's article had this to say:

“He’s been deceiving people for nearly six months” says a parent whose son trains at the academy. When asked if he will continue sending his son there he responded, “Not anymore”.

For more information and updates to the story as they become available please go to Andy Strickland's True Hockey and read Davis Frost Caught Using Alias In California.

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