Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking forward to hockey on tv? Hope you don't have Dish Network

Okay so this has me slightly - okay very annoyed this morning and rather than even linking the post from Mlive I am jsut going to copy it all right here for you...

Dish Network subscribers face loss of Fox Sports Detroit programming if deal isn't reached

Michael Zuidema | The Grand Rapids Press

There is a chance Dish Network subscribers will have to find a new way to watch Fox Sports Detroit broadcasts later this week.

The Dish Network is negotiating the terms by which it carries Fox's 19 regional sports networks, which includes FSD and cable networks FX and the National Geographic Channel.

Share 0 Comments The deadline for the negotiations, which have been ongoing for the past year, is midnight Thursday. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, Dish Network subscribers might lose access to that programming Friday.

Fox remains hopeful that a deal can be reached.

"We're simply looking for fair value for our programming," Fox spokesperson Chris Bellitti said. "If Dish customers lose Fox networks, fortunately, there are alternatives in the market."

A stalemate would affect FSD's broadcasts of this weekend's Detroit Tigers games at Baltimore, the remaining games on the Detroit Red Wings' preseason schedule and the Detroit Pistons' preseason game at Miami on Tuesday.

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I really hope for my sanity and everyone else that has Dish Net comes to a resoluntion. I have been asking "Is it October yet?" all summer looking forward to the start of hockey season and now on the first day of October I may lose my hockey coverage on tv. My life is full of fail.

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