Saturday, June 19, 2010

This week in WTF are you thinking...

This past week left some fan bases wondering "what the..."

The Detroit Red Wings announced that they reached an agreement with forward Todd Bertuzzi. Saying Bertuzzi is not a fan favorite in Hockeytown is a bit of an understatement. Fans were first shocked that he was brought back (it's not that he was horrible and I think in the play offs it looked as if he had finally found his place). What shocked fans was the two year $3.875 million no trade clause contract.

Up in Minne-so-ta the Wild managed to send their fans in to a panic when they announced the team had re-signed James Sheppard. The forward signed a one-year deal for just over $800,000. Not bad, still leaves plenty of room for the free agent frenzy that will hit July 1 and maybe, just maybe, he is working some of those kinks out of his game this summer.

The biggest "W-T-F" moment came from North of the boarder Montreal.


In case you you have not heard about Halak's rights being traded to the St. Louis Blues for two prospects (Lars Eller and Ian Schultz). The trade prompted a fan freak out frenzy on Twitter enough to shut it down and cause mass "fail whales" on the social media network. Even after it had started to calm down Halak was still a trending topic WORLDWIDE on the social networking site. That means as many people in the entire world were talking about Halak being traded as they were the World Cup and the vuvuzela annoyance.

At least this piece of gold made it to the Internet...

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