Sunday, June 27, 2010

NHL Draft by Country

In case you were wondering here is a quick run down of how each country did in the 2010 NHL Draft.

Canada 99
United States 59
Sweden 20
Russia 8
Finland 7
Czech Republic 5
Germany 5
Slovakia 2
Switzerland 2
Denmark 1
Latvia 1
Norway 1

2010 Draft quick hits:

158 picks were from North America ( 75.2% for you math nerds out there).

Leaving Europe with 52 picks ( and the remaining 24.8% so you don't have to do the math).

11 Americans went in the first round of the draft - a new US record
0 Swedes in the first round
4 of the top 5 picks of the draft were Canadian
the 5th pick of the draft was from Switzerland
the 9th pick of the draft was the first European trained player of the draft

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