Monday, June 14, 2010

How to battle hockey withdrawl

It’s that dreaded time of year. June.

The Stanley Cup has been handed to the Chicago Blackhawks; and The Cup is off on another whirlwind global tour (that I am sure does not involve a cab ride in Buffalo).

Now we wait. The 2010-2011 season does not start for a little over three months. Not a long time - but feels like eternity.

Here are some of my How-to-survive-what-seems-like-a-slow-agonizing-wait-for-the-first-puck-drop-of-the-regular-season suggestions:

Watch “vintage” games on NHL Network though out the summer (some are more vintage than others).

Tune in on June 23rd to the NHL awards show live from Las Vegas (List of Awards and finalist ).

Then get all your hockey buddies together and watch the 2010 NHL Draft on June 25-26 ( ).

Keep up on all the frenzy starting July 1st as the Unrestricted Free Agents hit the open market with the guys at “ProHockeyTalk on NBC” either on Twitter @PHTonNBC or on their website:

Read War and Peace.

Keep your cool. On hot summer days grab your skates (or a few bucks for rentals) and head to your local ice rink for either an open skate or a pick up game.

Find some replays on line and become an expert.

Check out

Watch “Slapshot”

Find out when your favorite (or local) teams prospects and training camps start and get your gear, a hand full of Sharpies, and your camera ready.

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