Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three Year Olds and Hockey Skates

For those whom do not know I have two daughters that both love hockey. My oldest first word was infact "hockey" and said on the day of the Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup parade.

All she a has wanted for her birthday are her first pair of hockey skates (yes she says hockey skates not just skates and yes I have shown her pictures of all kinds of skates and she still picks out the hockey skates) and gloves. So this weekend I we will probably be hitting some proshops in the metro Detroit/Flint area.

So now I am looking for places to take her to enroll her in learn to skate programs - and yes I realise they prefer the kids to wear the recrational skates to learn but mommy and daddy have never worn recreational skates and she doesn't want to either (yeah she's as bull headed as I am - I am soooo in trouble).


  1. Perani's Hockey Shop is great. My son went to learn to skate when he was three in hockey skates and now he is one of the best skaters in his mite league.

  2. Good luck. You will wind up with little gloves once you get her her skates.