Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Gr8 debate: Sid vs Ovi

As if this hasn't been played out enough in recent years we finally got the Sid vs Ovi Winter Classic match up. And guess what happened? Capitals won. That now puts each team in a win category for the Winter Classic.

So now every time these teams meet up that too will be brought up, along with Sid's cup and Ovi's he's-won-so-many-I-am-losing-count awards. They are both two great players. I was lucky enough to watch Ovechkin and the Capitals when I was living in the DC area going to school; and have no problem with his theatrics (his goal celebrations, his being out there for the fans, this passion and excitement for the game).

Now that we've had the Winter Classic between the two and all the hype I have one question:

Can we move on to some other players in the league?

There are so many other talented players (even on the Penguins and Capitals) that are not getting any recognition. Some recognition that the Western Conference exist would be great. I realize the Wild are not a great team but they are rebuilding; and doing it the right way - not by tanking for years to get 5 years worth of top 5 overall picks. So where is the love for Mikko Koivu? What about Chicago's Jonathan Toews? He won the cup - more recently than Sid the Kid - and was younger. Heck Toews is even a member of the Triple Gold Club. That's amazing and not just for how young he is. What about Matt Duchene out in Colorado? If it wasn't for the financial problems and the BizNasty2point0 twitter account I don't think people would realize Phoenix has an NHL team. Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler was the cover to NHL 2k11 but there was very little hype about it - nothing like Ovechkin being the cover of NHL 2k10.

Even Steven Stamkos from Tampa Bay Lightning would be a breath of fresh air into the NHL marketing plan. He did tie Crosby for most goals last season ans is second to him in points and goals this season. NHL wants to push these sunbelt teams and tell people that they have a place in the league yet a star player out of the south is mostly ignored.

Even with the Original 6 I don't think marketing was so limited.