Saturday, July 31, 2010


No this is not about buying some dress that will be viewed as tacky or cheesy in a decade.

For those that do not know I grew up in Michigan but spent time recently in the Washington D.C. area attending George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (Go Patriots!)

A little over a week ago I made the move back to Michigan and holy Toledo (Go Walleye!) this has been total chaos. I have been busy from sun up to past sun down yet I still feel as if I have nothing doing. I am still digging cloths out of boxes every day just to get dressed.

Yet, I was still dead set on going to see the Michigan Warriors this weekend with the kids. So far not today - kids still trying to adjust and its just not happening today - maybe tomorrow - maybe.

For those that may not know who the Michigan Warriors are they are the newly relocated North American Hockey League team to the Perani Arena in Flint. I do not know all the details but from the best that I can gather the Flint Generals from the IHL had their lease run out at Perani Arena and no new agreement was made and now the Warriors are making Perani their home.

Good-bye Generals - I will miss you. I went to your games as a kid and that is where my love of hockey began.

Welcome Warriors!

With kids of my own and living between Flint and Detroit I will probably be there as often as possible with kids in tow. My oldest first word was hockey and is asking for ice skates for her third birthday coming up at the end of August.

It is good to be home again. No offense to DC but it just wasn't home. There wasn't hockey. Okay so there is a little hockey in the nations capital - some Presidents Trophy winning team with some guy named Ovechkin. Home with my Detroit Red Wings for may be Nicklas Lidstroms last season getting the chance to see him play at least one more time at The Joe will be well worth all of this current chaos.

Good luck to the Warriors for their first season in Flint. Good luck to the Red Wings and Captain Nick. This is what coming home is all about.

Michigan Warriors Twitter

Friday, July 23, 2010

Where is "Waldo" The Zetterberg Wedding photo edition

Can you spot the current and former Red Wings in the picture below?

Henrik Zetterberg
Nicklas Lidstrom
Pavel Datsyuk
Johan Franzen
Mikael Samuelsson
Andreas Lilja
Valtteri Filppula
Niklas Kronwall

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodbye D.C. Hello Detroit!

Unless something drastic happens this is probably my last post coming to you from Washington D.C.

For those that do not know I am moving to Michigan. Before you ask, I have not been offered the Social Networking job with the Detroit Red Wings (though they are still more than welcome to contact me that goes for anyone else that wants to contact me, job related or not you are always more than welcome to shoot me a message).

D.C. has been fun. Met some great people out here and I will miss going to see the Capitals practice up at Kettler. Who knows maybe I'll wear my Mike Green t-shirt I got for participating in a Capitals' sponsored blood drive to a Wing/Caps game to see what kind of reaction I get. Odds are probably not though (sorry Caps fans no offense) Every game I have seen at The Joe I have worn my Nicklas Lidstrom jersey and they've won every game. I just can't break that streak.

It will be good to be home again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why I should be hired by the Detroit Red Wings

At this point we have all seen the listing for the Social Networking Coordinator with the Detroit Red Wings. Many of us have probably filled out the application via Teamwork Online; maybe even called the front office to check on the status. However, isn't the job for Social Media? Maybe I should use social media to demonstrate why I, Monica McAlister, should be hired by the Detroit Red Wings to be their Social Networking Coordinator.

I am going to use my Twitter and The Sin Bin Chronicles as a platform as to why I should be chosen from the hundreds of those that applied for the job.

Let's get started shall we?

The following are the Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities from the job posting and my qualifications:

1. Bachelor degree in Communications, Photography, Business or related degree. Equivalent experience may be considered in lieu of formal education.

Started my post secondary education at Baker College in Flint, Michigan with a concentration in Marketing. After three years of study at Baker College I transfer ed to the University of Detroit Mercy.

After moving from Michigan to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area I decided to go back to school to continue to educate myself by enrolling in the Sports Management program at George Mason University.

My educational background complements my professional background in using social media for the promotion of SlapShotSticker and their clients. Along promoting our products and options social media was also utilized to increase awareness of our clients fundraisers.

2. Minimum of two (2 years) experience in social media, networking, online content providers, graphic design or web administration.

Over the past decade I have been involved with social media tools in a variety of different rolls starting with message board moderation. From there I have gone on to message board administration, blogging, and blog marketing. Currently I am the Lead Writer for Howlin' Hockey a blog dedicated to the Phoenix Coyotes. I oversee not only the blog site but also the Twitter and Facebook pages associated with Howlin' Hockey. I currently also contribute to The Hockey Writers as their Minnesota Wild correspondent while keeping The Sin Bin Chronicles active to its readers.

3. Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office as well as working knowledge of PhotoShop, In-Design, HTML language, Audicity, switch file converters and file transfer protocols (FTP) sites.

In my professional background as both an Account Executive, Customer Service Associate and while working within Special Education I frequently used a variety different Microsoft Office applications along with many other specialty programs that had been developed for specific professional environments.

4. Demonstrated ability to cultivate relationships with internal and external contacts.

My ability to cultivate relationships within the sports industry can be demonstrated on my LinkedIn profile. Along with the following that I have cultivated on Twitter for both my account and for Howlin' Hockey are examples of relationship building.

5. Evidence of highly developed verbal and written communication skills.

Online you cannot judge my verbal communication skills without the assistance of a video. Therefore, any questions, comments, concerns about my campaigning for the position of Social Networking Coordinator with the Detroit Red Wings can be directed to me below in the comment field and I will address them with a video.

Examples of my written communication can be viewed either here on The Sin Bin Chronicles, or at The Hockey Writers, Howlin' Hockey and in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

6. Demonstrated initiative and results-oriented project management skills and the ability to work independently.

Two-years experience in an educational setting (Special Education) helped cultivate my project management skills. Each student that receives special education assistance has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that document the said students objectives for the school year in addition to the state mandated benchmarks.

The creation of this "Why I should be hired by the Detroit Red Wings" campaign demonstrates my initiative.

7. Evidence of attention to detail, accuracy and a high level of conscientiousness to work.

Every detail is important when it comes to working in social media. Someone is always out there to point out your mistakes (either kindly with an e-mail or as the common practice is to flame a comment section of a blog or message board).

Having personal knowledge of the topic is not alone enough. Possessing the knowledge and skills to locate research in a database to back up your statements to produce a solid developed position is needed. When it comes to social media efficiency is key.

8. Highly developed analytical and problem solving skills.

Life is full of overcoming obstacles. Employment in customer/client based positions as both an Account Executive and as a Customer Service Associate would lead to working though complications that may arise. Being able to listen to what the complaint is is key to being able to solve the problem. Communication is key when it comes to working with people as is the position of Social Media Coordinator.

9. Demonstrated flexibility and adaptability skills.

My ability to be flexible and adaptive to my job can be demonstrated in my working in special education. As much planning as you may have done with the daily lesson plan and creating act ivies unforeseen complications can always arise and disrupt the environment. It is being able to compensate for disruptions and stay calm when working on the fly that makes someone successful.

Feel free to check out my profile on LinkedIn for further information on my educational and professional background.

Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications and attributes as to why I should be chosen as the Social Networking Coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings.

Your support in this would be greatly appreciated by forwarding this on.

Name the connection: Miroslav Satan, Darren Haydar, Antti Pihlstrom

What do these have in common? Okay so they play hockey, in the NHL. That is kind of a given on a hockey blog though isn't it?

Want a hint?

Here is the full list:

Antti Pihlstrom
Barry Legge
Bill Brydge
Darren Haydar
Dave Thomlinson
Fred Robertson
Gerry James
Hugh Currie
Matt Pettinger
Miroslav Satan
Ron Sedlbauer
Ron Tugnutt
Sammy McManus
Scott Lachance
Stephane Quintal
Terry Take
Brian Curran
And for fun lets add myself to this list because I too fit the connection.

Any guesses?

We all were born on October 22 (years differ).

Thanks to those over at the NHL Digest you too can go though and locate which NHL players you share a birthday with. Be sure to check out the NHL Player Birthday Calender over at NHL Digest

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jussi Jokinen = All Star?

Well someone sure thinks so.

Just came across a Twitter page that is dedicated to the idea of getting Carolina Hurricane Jussi Jokinen into the 2011 NHL All Star Game. The fact that the 2011 All Star Game is in Raleigh, North Carolina I am sure would just be a bonus to the self proclaimed Caniacs.

Also the Twitter page links to a Facebook group page in support of Jussi "The Juice" Jokinen's All Star Bid.

The Days of Old

Are you frickin' kidding me?

I realize this isn't hockey related but found it rather shocking (okay not so much shocking as I know there are those out there that still think this way). I want to dedicate this entry to Nightmare On Helm Street in honor of their "birthday" and a rememberance to "the good old days".

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ever had that feeling?

Have you ever had that feeling that you're forgetting to do something?

I hope at least one of you has so that someone can relate to this.

I don't have a clue what it is that I could be forgetting to do. I've run updates, I've written, got stuff done around the house, searched the job boards, etc.

Maybe it is just that something BIG is going to happen. Maybe today we finally find out where Ilya Kovalchuk is going. I haven't been that concerned about it. As a Detroit Red Wings fan the idea of him going to the Red Wings isn't realistic. Could you imagine the outrage that would cause? After all of Kovy's 10 year $10 mill a year talk if he signed with the Red Wings for 1.5 Mil. Ha! People already hate Detroit why not give them more fuel to their fire.

Maybe Mike Modano will make his announcement. Not really that concerned about that either though. If he signs with Detroit he better work and he better stay on that third line with Jiri Hudler and Dan Cleary and leave the second line center spot to Valtteri Filppula. Got that Mo? No 2nd line for you!

On the other hand if Modano signs with the Wild that would be a cute little "look who is coming back" story I can write for The Hockey Writers

Honestly I am more concerned about the fact that Teemu Selänne has yet to announce what he plans to do for the 2010-11 season than I am over Mike Modano.

Oh well, so writing to clear my mind about what I am forgetting has only brought to mind that I am not wearing my glasses. I don't think that is it either though.

Howlin' Hockey

To those of you who faithfully follow me here on The Sin Bin Chronicles I wanted to invite you to join Howlin' Hockey on Facebook

Howlin' Hockey is a Phoenix Coyotes Blog; however, all are welcome. The discussions are open to everyone because lets face it - everyone has an opinion.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things that annoy me...

Okay so there are some things in life that just irk me like nails on a chalkboard.

1. Typing Llya Kovalchuck. It's not an "L" it is an upper case "i"

2. According to CCM Ovechkin prefers Ovi to Ovie so stop typing Ovie

3. The Ovechkin vs Crosby drama. Come on they are both great players but can't we see other players in the marketing for the league. I am sure there are other teams and players that would make for great coverage.

4. Hockey is only a Canadian sport. I think some Americans, Swedes, Russians, Finns, among others would like to debate that fact with you.

5. Saying Detroit gave up too soon on Ville Leino. Detroit gave him his shot, they brought him into the league UN DRAFTED and at the start of the 2009-10 season his line with Jason Williams and fellow Finn Valtteri Filppula was the best line that Detroit had. Then both of them got injured and Leino never got his grove back with the Red Wings. He found it in the play offs with the Flyers but face it you guys didn't have faith in him at first either you had him in the press box forever.

6. Getting upset that a player changes his number. Just because he changed his number doesn't mean you need to go but a new jersey (though I am sure the league would love the money from another sale) think of it this way. Your older number jersey shows you were a fan from earlier in said plays career - old number doesn't make it a jersey foul.

7. Jersey Fouls. Just don't do it.

8. Saying European players are weak and don't have as much heart as Canadian players (come on we know you lump the American players into the "Euro" category at this point). I think players like Niklas Kronwall or Jarkko Ruutu have something to say about that.

9. Pierre McGuire.

10. No more Facebook pages trying to relocate the Phoenix Coyotes. Hockey in the professional level is a business they will do fine there give them the chance to regain the ground lost on their fan base and grow it. There were only six teams in the Original 6 (hence the name) odds are your team wasn't one of them and they gave your team the chance.

11. The obsession over where Ilya (see how I spelled that) Kovalchuk is going to sign. He'll make his choice and that is that. The constant complaining on Twitter isn't going to make him decide any faster. I think his family comes before you to him.

12. Paid announcers that can not pronounce of the names correctly or constantly all players the wrong name.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Detroit or Retirement

That is what Mike Modano is saying.

Tuesday the Red Wings organization flew in Mike Modano from Dallas to meet with GM Ken Holland and Head Coach Mike Babcock. They discussed what his role would be with the team (centering the thrid line with Dan Cleary and the returning Jiri Hudler).

After their lunch meeting they headed over to Comerica Park and watching the Detroit Tigers game from the owners suite.

During the game Modano made the statement that he had narrowed down his future as either retirement or he will play in Detroit and done a Winged Wheel before he retires.

Modano a hometown guy would be completing the cycle of his career. He may have played his entire NHL career with the (North) Stars but he got his start in the Metro Detroit area. A native of Westland, Michigan (which I also have lived for a period of time) he got his start playing in the now Mike Modano Arena and playing with the Little Ceasers hockey program which skated at none other than the Joe Louis Arena.

If Modano is to sign with the Red Wings he will join other local players: Brian Rafalski, Drew Miller and Justin Abdelkader (currnetly RFA).

Maybe for kicks and giggles he can play a game or two centering Miller and Abdelkader so we can have "The Hometown Heroes Line" Just a thought.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Probert: Visitation/Funeral Open to the Public

If you want to give your last respects to the late Bob Probert his visitation and funeral will be open to the public.


Visitation is Wednesday from 7 – 9 p.m. and again Thursday from 2 – 5 p.m. at the Families First Funeral Home in Windsor. The funeral is Friday at 10 a.m. at the Christian Fellowship Church in Windsor.

Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Center
3260 Dougall Avenue
Windsor, ON N9E1S6
(519) 969-5841

Windsor Christian Fellowship
4490 7th Concession
Windsor, ON N9A 6J3

Monday, July 5, 2010

RIP Bob Probert

Today is a sad day for not only the Red Wings and the Blackhawks fans but for hockey as a whole.

Bob Probert passed away.

Probert was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings and split his career between them and the Chicago Blackhawks from 1985 - 2002. Playing in over 900 career games he talleyed exactly 3,300 penalty minutes.

Rest in Peace Probie.